How to create 3D logos in Cinema 4D starting with a photo Image

Ideally when you're using Cinema 4D to extrude a logo into a 3D rendering using, you'd want to start with a vector version of the logo so it can be infinitely scalable. Sometimes, however, the vector format isn't available, or the logos you need to create in 3D are so complex that there isn't enough time to extrude and texture it piece by piece. 

I recently had that situation come up, where I had to not only create 3D versions of all the Blackhawks logo, but create similar 3D versions of many other NHL logos, all in a short time. To get the job done, I came up with this workflow to use an outline of the logo as the extrusion, and then a still image as the texture. This also covers tips on using Photoshop CC and Adobe illustrator in your Cinema 4D workflow. In this video I go in-depth on how I developed this process!

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