Cinema 4D R19 releases in 2017 with some great new features that greatly build on C4D features used for motion graphics, Visual Effects, and 360 Virtual Reality rendering.

This includes major updates to the Voronoi Fracture, a spherical camera for creating 360 VR scenes, scene reconstruction for help with 3D motion tracking, and more! Check out the video above to learn about my Top 5 new features in Cinema 4D R19!

Fracture 2.0 - Gluing fractured pieces

Viewing Depth of Field in the Viewport!

Scene Reconstruction for 3D Tracking helps you composite 3D elements into live action footage

Custom falloff and gluing for Voronoi Fracture in R19

Adjusting falloff for glued fracture pieces

Using a Spherical Camera for 360 VR Renders

The new Sound Effector creating some Musical Mograph Animation

Voronoi Fracturing combined with MoGraph and Dynamics

Want to make Lighting & Reflections in Cinema 4D a snap?

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To see more new features in Cinema 4D, be sure to check out new features in Cinema 4D R18.

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• Inverted Ambient Occlusion
• Working with the new Thinfilm Shader
• How to use the new Parallax Bump Map Feature
• Using the new Shadow Catcher for 3D Compositing
• Working with the new Substance Materials Workflow

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