Cinema 4D R17 - New "Variation Shader" for Materials

A small but very cool new update to Materials and Textures in Cinema 4D R17 is the addition of the Variation Shader. The Variation shader is found under "effects" when adding texture options to materials. Say you have a bunch of balloons, and you want them to vary slightly in color tone or hue. Rather than creating a bunch of new materials and tweaking the options a bit, you can use the new Variation shader to create adjustments across multiple objects all within one material! The new Variation Shader in R17 can be used for a variety of things, so be sure to check out the video to learn all about it!

There are so many new features in Cinema 4D R17, I put together several more videos taking a deeper look at new features. Check out these additional topics for more coverage of Cinema 4D R17!

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