5 More NEW Features for Cinema 4D R17

I usually try to stick to Top 5 lists for new software (I hear Millennials love Top 5 lists), but there were so many updates to Cinema 4D R17 that I wanted to put together a second video with 5 MORE awesome new features. his includes many 3D animation and motion graphics updates to Cinema 4D R17, the Take System and working with Takes in Cinema 4D, Motion Tracking updates with the 3D Camera Tracker Tool, the Lens Distortion Tool, 3D Book Generator, and more new features in C4D R17. 

There are so many new features in Cinema 4D R17, I put together several more videos taking a deeper look at new features. Check out these additional topics for more coverage of Cinema 4D R17!

Rebuilt Pen Tool for R17
NEW Variation Shader
Working with the New Takes System
• Updates to the MetaBall Object
• 3D Motion Tracking Updates for R17
• New Lens Distortion Tools
Easier SketchUp Import
Updated Color Chooser
NEW Book Generator

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