Model a 3D Bike from scratch using Cinema 4D

One of the best ways to learn 3D modeling in Cinema 4D is to look around at existing objects, and try to break them down and recreate them in 3D. It brings up unique challenges that you can tackle with a variety of tools. After staring at my wife's bike in our apartment a few years ago, I decided to do just that, and see if I could make a 3D bike using some fun Cinema 4D tools, and also try to block it out as quickly as possible.

In this Cinema 4D 3D Modeling tutorial, learn to model a bicycle with Cinema 4D R16 in a half hour. This video covers basics of Cinema 4D Modeling and shortcuts to rapidly build the basic the outline of a hard surface objects, as well as various Cinema 4D modeling tips and tricks.

Here is a link to download the photo of my wife's awesome bike that I used as a reference for the modeling:

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