How to Fracture and Destroy 3D Buildings using the Thraussi plug-in and Dynamic Simulations in Cinema 4D

What's the point of learning 3D software if you can't use it to implode CG buildings, right? In this Cinema 4D tutorial, I go over how to fracture 3D buildings or objects using the free plug-in Thraussi, and then how to use dynamics to have the buildings implode, knock over, or fall down. Once you have this technique mastered, JJ Abrams should be calling any minute.

This fractured object can also be brought into Element 3D and Element 3D V2 for After Effects.

Topics include creating and grouping basic polygonal shapes, fracturing 3D objects, beginner to intermediate rigid body dynamics, and using invisible collider body dynamics to create CG destruction with Cinema 4D.

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