Photoshop 3D Image Based Lighting - Using 360 Photos to light 3D scenes in Photoshop

When working in the 3D workspace in Adobe Photoshop, one of the key workflows to get a nice looking render is the use of Image Based Lighting. With image-based-lighting, or IBL, you can use a 360 Environment Map photo to light your scene, and show up in the reflections of your 3D objects.

In this tutorial, I go over how to set up IBL in the 3D workspace, using one of the photos from 360° Environment Maps Pro. You can create Environment Map photos using your phone, or be sure to check out the bundles in the online store where you can pick up affordable packs of up to 115 Environment Maps that can be used for Image Based Lighting in Photoshop, After Effects, and Cinema 4D.

Want to get 8K Environment Maps for Photoshop?

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