Use Cinema 4D Lite MoGraph Effectors to Animate 3D Titles in After Effects

One of the  best parts of working into Cinema 4D and Cinema 4D Lite is working with Mograph and Effectors. With C4D Lite, packaged FREE with After Effects CC, you get access to the Fracture object, and two Effectors: Plain, and Random. A lot of people overlook these objects because you have to register Cinema 4D Lite to get them to turn on. You know that window that pops up every time you start Cinema 4D Lite? Stop closing it and activate! This will give you access to the Mograph Effectors, which open up a HUGE amount of animation possibilities.

By Using MoGraph Fracture object, you can break apart text (or any extruded object) into separate objects using "explode objects + connect." This might look like it doesn't do anything at first, but once you start adding Effectors to the Fracture objects, you'll see the magic! This lets you animate position, scale, and rotation of each letter separately, and use strength or falloff to animate the letters in.

In Part 1 of this tutorial, I went over how to get the 3D text set up in Cinema 4D Lite and get the materials going. Check out Part 1 here.

Want to learn how to do this using MoText in the full Studio version of Cinema 4D? Check that out in this post here!

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